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DM's Journal 02

SoW 3 Umbraforge
Session 2
Orkan, Grelg, Raffaello and Aluman in attendance. Snigemund stumbling along behind with a really bad hangover.

Having discovered that someone called Modra was after a brass key they had recovered during their mission into the mountain tunnels and would prefer them dead, the heroes set out to find out who and what Modra was and why he was after them. They also went through all the packs in the party until they discovered where they had left the seemingly unimportant key.

DM's Journal 01

SoW 3 Umbraforge
Session 1
Grelf, Raffaello and Aluman present. Orkan suffering chronic flashbacks and Snigemund suffering chronic binging following his resurection.

Not much happened really. Looting of dead comrades, selling their stuff, divvying up some of the loot, partying, shopping and getting ambushed by heavily armed banditti.

Apparently someone called Modra wants a brass key the party previously obtained. Wants it badly.

And so far the characters (and players) can't remember what they did with it.

No Jamie you did not go up a level.

SOW 3 Umbraforge

Back in Overlook, with some time to kill, a bit of money under their belts, and the goodwill of the populous, our heroes set about that most typical of activities for hard bitten adventurers: shopping.
In the process they discover that selling used goods does not bring list price, that the things they want most are well beyond their current net worth, and that apparently their popularity is not as universal as they had thought.
A souvenir from their previous escapades may have come back to haunt them and there is no telling where it will lead.

DM's Journal 03

Session 3
Grelf, Snigemand, Raffaello and Orkan present. Gwendolyn unavailable and mystically wandering along with the party for later use.

DM's Journal 02

The party acquired the Deva wizard Orkan to join their group (he foolishly decided he would be safer travelling with them). Eoffram Troyas, a half elven town councillor talked to them about a rescue mission to recover some townsfolk carried off by the hobgoblin raiders, and some treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valour. A difficult decision as he is clearly a serious man, and the party aren’t very good at appearing reliable. If they try very hard they can just about pass for sane.

DM's Journal 01

Scales of War

Session 1 22 June 2009

Gregory – Grelf the wild Elf ranger
Geoffry – Snigemund the Halfling rogue
Darren – Raffaello the Human paladin of Avandra
Oliver – Gwendolyn the Elven priestess of Bahamut

The Party

Raffaello Tempest - A Human Paladin of Avandra
Snigemaend - A Halfling Rogue
Gwendolyn - A girlie Cleric of Bahamut (Died during the Siege on Bordrin's Watch and declined to be raised)
Grelf - An elven Ranger
Orkan - Diva Wizard
Aluman - A Human fighter (introduced during the Siege on Bordrin's Watch)


The Scales of War adventure path begins in the town of Brindol in Elsir Vale. It has been a long hot summer and the weather continues unseasonably warm as Autumn approaches. Two pairs of young adventurers from very different backgrounds approach and enter Brindol. They happen to choose the same inn for an evening meal which is unfortunately interrupted by hobgoblin raiders. Deciding to bind their fortunes together, and finding a fifth person to join them, they form a band to seek their destinies.

Scales of War

This is a 4th edition campaign

04: Dry Spell

Hwee and Joachim had accompanied Hokum to a distant town in which Erky Timbers was reported to have been sighted. Hwee and Joachim also brought along their new caravan driven by their servant Roger (non-combatant if possible). The area was drought striken and it turned out that three lakes which would normally have tided the locals over for water had suddenly dried up. Even the local animals had turned savage and desperate, attacking us on our way there and killing one of our mules and almost killing Roger.

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