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Ceroc has been a significant hobby of mine for quite a while now, I was first involved with Ceroc dancing at the begining of 1994.

At first I wasn't even planning to be involved in the class. I went with a friend only intending to watch, but since there was such a shortage of guys in the class halfway through I decided to join in. I was hooked from that very first class. I went home going through the dance steps over and over in my head. I couldn't wait to go to the next class, however I wasn't quite game enough to go on my on, I had to wait till my friend was going again. Unfortunately she was busy for the next few weeks andcouldn't make it too a class, but eventually we made it back.

After about a year of classes my confidence level was enough that I decided to go in my first competition. This of course required some extra practice, luckily I had reached the stage where I felt I go actually try these moves out in public without looking like too much of an idiot so we started looking around for nightclubs that had a dance floor and enough room to try some steps with my dance partner. Even though they were only simple moves, they made a great impression on people who had never seen them before.

I didn't exactly shine in the competition but I was comfortable enough that my confidence went up and as a result of the practice that I did for the competition I noticed that my ability had improved. I started attending 2 classes a week and started looking for regular venues to dance on the weekends. This was not as easy as it might seem, since this dance style needed a bit of space to move and a reasonable sort of surface for all the spinning involved.

All this increased dancing activity generated a marked increase in my ability and about a year later I was up on stage helping demonstrating the nights routine with the teacher for the class.

I have also at various times taken lessons in Funk, Rock and Roll, Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.
Since becoming involved with this dance style, I have competed in competitions in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Auckland and London, and was involved in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, and best of all I have a lot of really good friends.

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