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DM's Journal 02

SoW 3 Umbraforge
Session 2
Orkan, Grelg, Raffaello and Aluman in attendance. Snigemund stumbling along behind with a really bad hangover.

Having discovered that someone called Modra was after a brass key they had recovered during their mission into the mountain tunnels and would prefer them dead, the heroes set out to find out who and what Modra was and why he was after them. They also went through all the packs in the party until they discovered where they had left the seemingly unimportant key.

DM's Journal 01

SoW 3 Umbraforge
Session 1
Grelf, Raffaello and Aluman present. Orkan suffering chronic flashbacks and Snigemund suffering chronic binging following his resurection.

Not much happened really. Looting of dead comrades, selling their stuff, divvying up some of the loot, partying, shopping and getting ambushed by heavily armed banditti.

Apparently someone called Modra wants a brass key the party previously obtained. Wants it badly.

And so far the characters (and players) can't remember what they did with it.

No Jamie you did not go up a level.

SOW 3 Umbraforge

Back in Overlook, with some time to kill, a bit of money under their belts, and the goodwill of the populous, our heroes set about that most typical of activities for hard bitten adventurers: shopping.
In the process they discover that selling used goods does not bring list price, that the things they want most are well beyond their current net worth, and that apparently their popularity is not as universal as they had thought.
A souvenir from their previous escapades may have come back to haunt them and there is no telling where it will lead.

DM's Journal 06 and 07

Session 6

Grelf, Raffaello, Gwendolyn replaced by the human fighter Aluman, Snigemand temporarily playing the part of Nicholson, a half elven bard.

DM's Journal 05

Grelf, Gwendolyn, Raffaello, Snigemand and Orkan all present.

Oh woe to the world, mighty heroes have fallen.

The Reavers had fallen back to the mouth of the tunnel to make a stand, but the orcs broke their line and Raffaello fell to their dark steel.

Grelf momentarily turned the tide by dropping two from his perch above the clearing and Gwendolyn felled another. Only three of the enemy remained.

Then it all went tits up.

DM's Journal 04

SOW 2 Bordrin's Watch
Session 4
Orkan, Snigemand, Gwendolyn, and Raffaello present. Grelf holding back due to his recent grievous injuries ( and watching re-runs of Orkan's recent flashbacks)

The Reavers of Rivenroar had cleared the hall of enemies and searched it for goods to aid their mission. After stopping long enough to bind their wounds (and snap Orkan and Snigemand out of Orkan's flashback) they followed the great hall to a landing in the face of the mountain overlooking a long steep stair.

DM's Journal 03

SOW 2 Bordrin's Watch
Session 3
Grelf, Gwendolyn, and Raffaello present. Orkan was sidelined with another flashback, Snigemand was watching Orkan's flashback.

DM's Journal 02

Session 2

SOW 2 Siege at Bordrin's Watch

In which the Reavers of Rivenroar march to war to save Elsir Vale from invasion by an orcish horde, and pay a heavy price.

This adventure has come to be referred to as 'the meat grinder'. It was only through good teamwork and a lot of luck that only all but one member of the part was killed. All but Gwendolyn were raised from the dead. Aluman was introduced as a replacement.

DM's Journal 01

Session 1
Grelf, Gwendolyn, Raffaello and Orkan present, Snigemand badly hung over (and congratulations on the birth of your daughter).

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