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Mutants and Masterminds Campaign Log

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Issue 001: The Bank Heist

In which our heroes meet and foil a bank robbery.

The first appearance of the human cockroach.

Mysterious winds.

Issue 002: A rescue, a rescue

The start of a trend, the human cockroach is grabbed.

They made another one? Science experiments gone wrong

Issue 003: The Justice Squad

A name is chosen.

A charter is drawn up.

Costumes are provided.

Issue 006: Operation Get Marv.

Company wants it's science project back!

Issue 009: Boy Toys

An evil seductress has Mr Hard under her spell, or is she just misunderstood?

A mysterious crime spree...

Issue 10: Rise of the Living Dead

Rise of the living Dead!

Water Pistols at 30 paces!

Justice Squad gets a batphone! 

Issue 11: Good guys vs bad guys

Anti-justice Squad?

Issue 12: Villains and Victory

(Not so) Secret Stakeouts

Drunken debauchery

Public Forum

Skeet Shoot where Slick is the Skeet!

Issue 13: Hostage Crisis

Terrorists take over a police station.


Issue 14: Convoy Chaos

Ambush in the mountains.

Mr Hard + SUV = Much hilarity!