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aka Michael Mosley.

Now you see him, now you don't.
The only thing faster than Slick's feet is his mouth!

Michael Mosely was a professional athlete, one of the fastet sprinters in the country and an almost certain pick for the Olympic team until a catastrophic injury nearly crippled him for life. Despite an amazing recovery, he struggled to regain his former speed. Desperate for a last chance at glory he resorted to 'artificial' means to improve his speed. His new world record lasted barely 24 hours before he was stripped of his title and banned from competing for 2 years, at his age that ment an end to his career. His sponsors abandoned him and he was left with almost nothing.

Then they came for him. We can fix you they said, we can make you better, faster, and we will pay you well. It was, as they say, 'An offer too good to refuse'.

Michael Mosely found himself wandering the streets of Hudson City one morning, not sure where he was or how he got there, he had his wallet with his drivers licence and a credit card, but no cash, so he headed to the nearest bank....

Slick has one of the higher profiles of the Justice Squad in Hudson City. He has a penchant for running up and down the sides of skyscrapers on a regular basis, and seems to be willing and even to enjoy meeting the public and having his photograph taken.


  • Super Fast

Enjoys tying people up in compromising positions.