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Sheer animal magnetism!

Feral in suit

His past still remains something of a mystery although he claims it involves NASA and probes in disturbing places.

Although the newest member of Justice Squad, Feral has already had quite an impact, (a 12' tall gorilla will do that) and has demonstrated a knack for dealing with people, if not other chimps.

Feral has taken up residence at Justice Central, and seems to have aquired a taste for housecleaning.

Most commonly seen as a chimp he has been also known to date to take on the form of

  • A bird (hawk)
  • A snake
  • A rat
  • A dog
  • A 12' tall Gorilla
  • A Dolpin
  • A giant bird

When fighting crime on the streets his preferred costume is a cape and a mask over his eyes, to protect his secret identity.

As part of the standard equipment of the Justice Squad, Feral has been given a comms device. So far, nobody's seen fit to question where this device goes when he changes form, particularly when he has no pockets.


If a chimpanzee tells you he is a talking chimpanzee, who are you going to believe?