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Dark Djinn

Picture of Dark Djinn in costume
aka Paul Temple
by day is the Hudson City County Prosecutor.

Paul Temple was born into an extremly wealthy family which provides for all his needs. Rather than engage in the life of an idle playboy Paul Temple decided he wished to contribute to Hudson City and so on completion of law school joined the County Prosecutors office. A huge corruption scandal some few years back resulted in most of the senior members of the prosecutor's office being removed leading to a rapid promotion for Mr Temple.

Paul Temple's recent discovery of his abilities has lead to him taking a more active role in law enforcement within Hudson City using his alter ego of Dark Djinn.


Dark Djinn has control over the element of air, able to create a soft gentle breeze or a violent destructive gale. He can also hurl destructive bolts of lightning which has so far resulted in him being the most lethal member of the Justice Squad.

Dark Djinn is also able to fly, but unfortunately is still in the process of learning how not to be a target when flying.