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Justice Central

Justice Squad Headquarters, located in the top 5 floors of a gothic styled building in the heart of Hudson City.
(helipad not included)

Justice Central Top view

The ornate gothic decoration on the top of the building are decorative only and currently serve no particular purpose.

Unsually for a high rise office block there is at least one set of windows on
each of the 5 levels of Justice Central that are capable of opening,
allowing Slick quick entry and departure from the building.

Building Details:

462 Feet, 141 Metres high

36 stories

The Tower's frame is made of steel, fireproofed with concrete. The outer walls are Indiana limestone in variegated shades of gray.

Construction called for 9,316 tons of steel and 13,160 tons of stone.




The pictures shown here to represent the headquarters of the Justice Squad are acutally pictures of the Chicago Tribune office building. I found these pictures on the web but unfortunately I can't remember where I actually found them.

More information about the actual building can be found here and here


Toe Stubbing Gargoyles

I asked for a nice modern skyscraper, smooth and flat.

Money talks

The person with the cheque book specifically stated 'gothic'