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Order Wars

From the journal of Orfano, a Citizen of the Empire.

At last, I have achieved my journeyman status and have received a summons to report to the induction officer at Border Regiment Central Barracks in the City of Stability.

Getting there

Even if you were to take a foolish character, they will probably still want to know what they are getting into, and will find out the following in the few days before you leave:

  • The Border Regiment guard the citizens and property of the Empire in the outer regions, especially the border to the north and east with the Wild lands.
  • The Border Regiment is often mounted, if only for transport.
  • The unit is not as prestigious as the Army of Order, the Internal Control Forces or the Bureaucracy, but it is Imperial service and they see more regular combat on a small scale.
  • The Wild Lands are full of insanely chaotic monstrous creatures and beings as well as scattered insane humans. It is a region of madness.
  • Uniform and equipment will be issued. Take a set of clothes from the equipment list and fit yourself out with whatever you are taking from home. It would not normally be permitted for a civilian to bear arms within the Empire, but if you are not causing trouble and have your orders to report for imperial duty, you should have no trouble. Of course you may not be allowed to use your own weapons. You aren’t sure.
  • You can also have a spare 50gp from your master for working hard.
  • You will not need money in theory on your journey as you have your vouchers.


You travel through the well kept and laid out farmlands and teeming production centres of the Empire, seeing in part how powerful and productive it really is. Each night you are provided a cot and blanket at a way station or inn with a plate of stew and bread and mug of ale for dinner. Breakfast is a corn porridge and mug of milk. Each day you are provided with a small loaf of bread, some cheese and a small amount of pickled vegetables to carry for your lunch. Forests are well warded, farms are regular in size and layout and the towns and roads are bustling.


The game will pick up in the City of Stability.


The party all arrived safely without picking any fights with the authorities or getting arrested. Which classed as a minor miracle.

I think the highlight may have been the femal necromancer asking if the uniforms came in black...

A letter

Greetings young Citizen of the Empire, Following your recent satisfactory completion of the required apprenticeship you are, by order of the Emperor and with the accidence of the Guild Council, granted the rank of Journeyman in your craft and commanded to the service of the Empire. You are ordered to report to the induction officer of the Border regiment, at Border Regiment Central Barracks in the City of Stability by midday of the first day of March of this year for enrolment in the Border Regiment for a period of service not less than five years. You should bring this letter. Attached are accommodation and food vouchers for your journey to Stability.Welcome to the service of the Empire of Order. Undersecretary Ernst Dingus

Department of Control, Northern Division