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03: The Sunless Citadel

A mysterious fruit, kobolds and goblins.

After returning to Seawell having vanquished the pirates, Joachim and Hwee were greeted as heroes, and made a bargain to sell the pirate's stash to the town. With their newfound wealth the equipped and restocked. Joachim located a suitable dog for Hwee to use as a mount and spent a few weeks training the dog as a combat mount. While our heroes were enjoying the adoration of the town, interesting stories trickled through the ears about a magical fruit that could cure all ills and heal all that ails. This fruit was available but once per year in mid-summer. Joachim's druidic interest was aroused, since he had not previously heard of such a fruit. Unfortunately, it was now approaching winter and the fruit was rumoured to be only available in mid summer, but with little else to do our adventuring party gathered their belongings and headed north to Oakhurst.

After a weeks uneventful journey they finally arrived at the town of Oakhurst, a small town that existed primarily to service the surrounding farmlands. Thirsty from their travels on the road, they immediately made for the town inn, to quench their thirst and begin their investigations.


Day 1.

  • Arrive at town, gather information, supplies.
  • Missing adventurerers.
  • Strange creatures in the night.
  • The Sunless Citadel.

Day 2

  • Set off for Sunless Citadel, descend into ravine
  • Discover rats, many rats
  • Also discover Kobolds.
  • Make deal with Kobolds, camp for night.

Day 3.

  • Set off to recover Kobold’s dragon,
  • Encounter mother rat and some goblins
  • Rescue? Erky, camp in goblin dungeon.

After killing all the kobolds in the guard room, Joachim looted the bodies finding some loose silver coins, as well as a silver flask and a key, while Hokam cautiously listened at one of the doors. Hearing movement and the sound of metal on the othe side, the party hastily made plans.

Blatem: I'll yank the door open and you guys kill em all. Ready? ungghhhhh, uhm the door appears to be locked.

Hokam: oops, here, let me try picking the lock, I've got these lock picks here... okay, let me try my other lock picks... got it. Right lets try that again.

Blatem yanks the door open and reveals a squalid gloomy dungeon. 3 miserable looking kobolds are tied up with rope to a large spike near the entrance. Further back in the dungeon a battered gnome is locked in a rusted iron cage, which is small even for the gnome.


Hokam: ssshhhh!!! quiet!!! or I'll kill you!

Gnome: help me! help me! please free me! my name is Erky Timbers.

Hokam: let me just pick this lock... uhmm... let me just try again... there. Now, how does 5 years indentured servitude sound in return for your um... freedom?

Erky in gnomish to Hwee: Fellow gnome, who is this evil human and why does he wish to enslave me?

Hwee: He’s not evil, he’s just... uhmm... misunderstood.

Hokam: Unless you have something else to offer?

Erky: The goblins took everything I own, but I know some things, and I can heal.

Blatem(muttering): of course you can heal, everyone can heal except me. mumble mutter.

Hokem: ahh, healing, well now that you mention it I’ve got this rash

Hwee (interrupting): Tell us everything you know Erky.

Erky: Well I

Hwee: I wonder where all these goblins came from

Erky: was captured

Hwee: How on earth did the kobolds capture a dragon?

Erky: a year ago

Hwee: I wonder if it was a real dragon?

Erky: by the goblins

Hwee: Probably just some sort of big lizard

Erky: and they’ve kept me here

Hwee: And what’s with all these damn dragon statues

Blatem, Hokam and Joachim: Hwee, SHUT UP!

Day 4.

  • Encounter more goblins, murder kobold, camp in trapped corridor.

After a refreshing nights sleep in the goblin dungeon, Hokam unlocked the door and wandered outside tos stretch his legs, where he was promptly skewered by 3 goblin javelins from the goblin patrol that had arrived during the night.

Day 5.

  • Encounter many rats
  • Recover dragon, return to Kobolds, run back to town.

Day 6.

  • Spent in town recovering.

Day 7.

  • Erky departs, after fruitless search, return to citadel

Day 8.

  • Kill off last of goblin resistance.
  • Camp in tower room with pit.

Day 9.

  • Start off day close to death, end day little bit closer.
  • Descend into pit, kill skeletons, twigs, bugbear, 2 dire rats,
  • Carol does death from above, nearly dies.

Day 10.

  • Day of Healing
  • Minor looting

Day 11.

  • Descend into pit again


But on the other hand

What of Hokum's corageous kick in the door and damn the consequences attitude?

Or Hwee's gallant and successful attempt to crawl under goblen javelin fire to rescue the fallen Hokum?

Or Blatem's cunning and decisive casting of mighty magics?

Or the charge of the furry wall of death?

The party doesn't look like a travelling circus all the time.