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01: A Dark and Stormy Knight

Long ago, a small but mighty humanoid kingdom existed in what is now the local wilderness. Bugbear and ogre warriors fought brutal wars of expansion, earning great fame and amassing considerable fortunes from their predations. Those who died in battle were buried in large tomb complexes dug into hillsides and honored as patrons of the living. Among these tombs was the large tor known as Hightower.

- from the short adventure A Dark and Stormy Knight © Wizards of the Coast


And so the 3 travellers caught in a fierce storm dashed for the nearest cover they could find, the tor known as HighTower.

Joachim the Deceptively Dangerous Druid and his Death Dealing Dogs, Carol and Pyotr.

Hokam, no relation, human rogue, man of many skills


Hwee, gnomish bard, blink and you'll miss him.

Bravely they penetrate the depths of the ancient tomb, unsure of what they would find, but hey anything for a quick gp.

Huddled in the antechamber the 3 travellers are confronted with 3 seemingly inpenetrable stone doors and settle down to wait out the storm. Suddenly with a crash of thunder the doors collapse and a horde of rats come streaming through them.

Hokam dives out of their path, Hwee lets loose with a crossbow bolt, and Joachim stands ready with his dogs at his side. The rats are more intend on escape then mayhem, pausing only to bite anyone in their path of wild escape.

With the doors now opened the adventurers decide to probe further into the depths. Showing an insight beyond their modest experience they head straight to the heart of the tor, eschewing the distractions of the side passages.

2 Hobgoblins are dispatched in short order, their bodies plundered for loot, Joachim showing that he can heal as well as harm. Penetrating deep into the heart of the tomb, the party encounters the resident owner, a little grumpy at having his rest interrupted. A short but vicious battle sees the party victorious and the zombie bugbear sent to his final rest. A tactical decision is made to fortify the room and have an overnight nap so the bleeding can stop.

Feeling somewhat refreshed the party decide to see what other loot remains to be gathered and head down the nearest corridor. Hokam in front learns from experience how hard it is to actually see the web of a monstrous spider before you walk into it.

While his strength was weakened his resolve was not and Holam and the rest push on to finish exploring the ancient tomb. After despatching the giant spider, the group loot it's lair and continue on.

As the group approach the next room in the tomb, a pair of eyes light up and what appears to be a flying head flies forward releasing a piercing scream. Hokam, lurking at the back of the party is paralyzed with fear at the sound of the scream.

Having being exposed to the violence of the storm for the last day and night, Blatem was relieved to find any sort of cover in the barren landscape, dashing up into the shelter of the tor, he was just shaking the last of the water off his cloak when he heard a terrifying scream coming from the passageway to his left. Summoning light with a gesture and a word, he investigates.

Coming up on a paralyzed Hokam, he moves past and assists in despatching the lesser vargouille who's rest the party had disturbed.

After looting this room the 4 travellers searched the last room. Sensing a trap, Hwee carefully opened the suspicious chest sitting in the middle of the room and was promptly struck by the fusillade of darts which he failed to avoid, although it was more his pride and dignity that was injured.

The last room looted, the group settled down to wait out the storm.