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Crystal Reports

My first encounter with this product was way back when it was mostly an SDK to be integrated into other applications, I think this was about V2. Skip forward a few years and we were looking for a reporting tool to integrate with a system we were developing and we had look at Crystal Reports V6 and decided to go with it.

Shortly after that project was deployed, Seagate who owned the product at the time embarked on a huge marketing drive for their new product Seagate Info V7, literally giving it away to get companies to adopt the technology platform. Many demo's and presentations later we had built up a decent customer base and things have just kept on rolling from there.

Since then, the product itself has gone from Seagate Crystal Reports to being a product of Crystal Decisions, which then got taken over by Business Objects, and is now part of the SAP product line, although I believe it will remain as a seperate business unit it appears that Business Objects will now be part of the SAP company.

Seagate Info was renamed to Crystal Enterprise, and then moved to an entirely web based platform before being renamed to Business Objects Enterprise. It is the core framework that handles the deployment and publishing of the Crystal reports over the web. This framework also supports a number of other reporting tools.