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DM's Journal 01

Scales of War

Session 1 22 June 2009

Gregory – Grelf the wild Elf ranger
Geoffry – Snigemund the Halfling rogue
Darren – Raffaello the Human paladin of Avandra
Oliver – Gwendolyn the Elven priestess of Bahamut

It begins It has been a long, hot summer in Elsir vale and continues unseasonably warm as Autumn approaches. Sigemund the Halfling boatman had been thinking of expanding his horizons due to limited opportunities to continue developing his skills in his current position and for various personal reasons. He had long plied the river between Elsir Cross and Drellyn’s Ferry, but when he fell in with Raffaello, a paladin of the Avandra, godess of travel and change, in Elsir Cross, he quickly agreed to join forces with him and travel together to the city of Brindol. With Sigemund’s connections and Raffaello’s status as a protector of travellers they had no trouble in arranging passage on a river boat to Brindol. They arrived there late in the morning on a fine and hot mid August day. Finding themselves in the market square, they agreed to meet up later and separated while Rafaello went to the Shrine of the Open door to introduce himself to Father Bertram, and Sigemund sort around for the news on the street. They met up again for a drink and spent the afternoon walking around various parts of the city before arranging rooms at the Red Door Inn and heading next door to the Antler and Thistle tavern for dinner. Sigemund bought the first round. The elven lady Gwendolyn had taken up the mantle of a priestess of Bahamut, and leaving her family had gone to study at the shrine in Witchcross. Having advanced as far as this the opportunities of this local establishment would easily allow, she turned her thoughts to the wider region of Elsir Vale and designed on setting out into the world to make her mark. Relatives in the Witchwood found a skilled archer and hunter of the wild elven tribes of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, by the name of Grelf, they persuaded to travel with her, and together they followed the road south to Brindol. They arrived there late in the morning on a fine and hot mid August day. Finding themselves in the market square Gwendolyn prayed for guidance, and then at the suggestion of Grelf Gwendolyn sort out the Shrine of Bahamut. A small shrine without permanent clergy in residence, it developed this establishment was cared for by an elderly man by the name of Mr Timms. Having introduced herself and left some money with Mr Timms, Gwendolyn went back out into the city, meeting up with Grelf at the Red Door Inn where they took rooms and separated again to explore the city. They met up again in the evening for dinner at the neighbouring Antler and Thistle tavern. Rescue at Rivenroar The two pairs on entering the tavern, and discovering it included a grid map, immediately took themselves to tables in separate corners of the tavern, expecting a bar fight, and ordered alee and dinner. Shortly thereafter the door was slammed in and hobgoblins started to pour in shouting war cries no-one bothered to listen to, and attack the staff, patrons and structure of the tavern (including of course those individuals mentioned above). Most of the staff and patrons were struck down, and several fires had been set before the heroes managed to stop the attack. Raffaello distinguished himself taking the brunt of the attack, felling many hobgoblins, Sigemund dealt with a couple more, slowed the fire enough to save the building and hunted down one of the goblins setting the fires. Gwedolyn and Grelf dealt with the remaining attackers with arrow and prayer. All aided in putting out the fires and saving as many of the victims as possible afterwards. The bodies of 10 hobgoblins and 2 goblins being found. The attackers wore tabards with an emblem of a Red Hand, which was identified as the same as that of a goblinoid army which had almost conquered Elsir Vale 40 years before, until it was defeated at Brindol. Catching their breath, and a quick nip of something alcoholic to settle their nerves. The heroes made introductions to each other and spoke with a couple of members of the town watch for a few minutes until their attention was drawn by the cries of a mob of locals fleeing past the front door. On drawing outside, the heroes were astonished to see a wagon drawn by an ogre round the corner with two hobgoblin archers in the back. And more so to discover the cask the ogre had in hand was of burning pitch, which he did at the party. And continued to do so with further barrels lit and handed to him by one of the hobgoblins in the wagon, between hitting people with a very large club. Reffaello closed to prevent the ogre advancing on the others who spread out to pelt this new threat with ranged attacks. An impromptu and unexpected theological dispute arose between Raffaello, paladin of Avandra, and Gwendolyn, Priestess of Bahamut, which resulted in Raffaello collapsing from his injuries before Gwendolyn acknowledged that Bahamut would probably want to help the heroic and good intentioned paladin, and provided him some healing. By the end of the battle Gwendolyn, who had been cornered in a dead end, and Raffaello who had set fire to the wagon of pitch before again collapsing of his wounds (having taken a nightsoil bucket load of damage since starting his dinner) were down, and Grelf and Snigemund finished the attackers. Bandaging then proceeded at some pace, saving the lives of the fallen. News did reach them about this time of a further hobgoblin attack at the bridges, but fortunately further word arrived that the threat was over before the walking wounded had to drag themselves down there. Someone did (I believe in jest) ask if they had made second level yet. As it turns out: yes. Gwendolyn, Raffaello, Grelf and Snigemund have all reached second level. This is a good level to reach as marks the obtaining of your first utility power, learning a new feat, gaining a +1 to all defences, attacks and skill rolls from the half level bonus, and some more hit points. Feel free to point out mistakes in spelling the names etc. And we will get this on line. Rescue at Rivenroar continues next Monday. Possibly with an addition to the party of heroes.