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The Smithson Gang go Down

This week, the infamous Smithson gang got taken down, alive believe it or not, by some newcomers to town.

A smartly dressed gunslinger and gambler by the name of Doc Weekend was having a quiet whiskey, having been told some ridiculous high stakes for some 2-bit card game in the local saloon.

He had just introduced himself to the man next to him when they heard some screams from upstairs.

The bartender shouted “that’s my wife” and ran for the stairs only to get shot before making it halfway.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, a quiet family (sort of) dinner is underway at the Chinese laundry.

Mr and Mr’s Po are having dinner with their Native American friend as well as a travelling Chinese Monk.

They too hear the scream and step outside to see where it originated.

Back to the Saloon, Pete Garrett runs upstairs to look for the shooter while the Doc tends to the bartender.

Pete finds no-one in immediate sight so runs to the end of the corridor only to get shot by one of the Smithson gang.

Fortunately the Doc is not far behind and with the help of Hatchet (The Red Indian Badge less Deputy) and the mysterious Chinese Monk, they manage to subdue (gun down) the Smithson gang who it seems were attempting to rob the safe using the Saloon owners wife as a hostage. Although some injuries were sustained most were collected by the brave Pete Garrett who is now under the Doc’s close care.

The Hatchet, with some help from friends, carried the gang to the local jail cell and locked them all in, nice and cosy. He stayed there for the night as he does, as did the Monk. The next morning the Doc and newly revived Pete came over to see how everything was going. Whilst there Mr and Mrs Johnson (Saloon owner) also cam over. To thank them? No, to insist there was an immediate lynching for this and their previous crimes. Hatchet, sensing trouble brewing, barricades the door, the Doc, sensing trouble brewing, sweet talks the Johnsons into going home.

Shortly after, there is another knock at the door, it’s Mr Jenkins the Undertaker. He’s always been nice to the Indian. Well at least unlike the rest of the town he doesn’t try to spit on his moccasins when he walks past. He tells the party that the rest of the town are talking about some sort of action to get Justice on the Smithson gang and he doesn’t think it safe to hang around.

So give this advice and considering Deputy Rockwell isn’t due back for at least 6 days, Hatchet, Doc, The Monk and a mid-healed Pete, decide to escort the gang to the city of St George, which is about 2 days ride.

To be continued………….