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04: Dry Spell

Hwee and Joachim had accompanied Hokum to a distant town in which Erky Timbers was reported to have been sighted. Hwee and Joachim also brought along their new caravan driven by their servant Roger (non-combatant if possible). The area was drought striken and it turned out that three lakes which would normally have tided the locals over for water had suddenly dried up. Even the local animals had turned savage and desperate, attacking us on our way there and killing one of our mules and almost killing Roger.

We learned that a dangerous group of bandits had been defeated recently, with only their bugbear chief and a few others escaping. Then we learned that prior to that the bugbear had captured a magic item of unkown powers called an eversoaking sponge. Basic arithmatic followed.

Hwee and Joachim tracked down the bandits to their lair, killed the ogre guard (Hwee is quite dangerous) snuck in and fought our way past the gnoll and orcs at the pre-prepared defensive line, were joined by Hokum who was then killed in the big final battle seen when we cornered the raging barbarian bugbear bandit chief and his remaining orc warriors.

The defeat of the bugbear bandit chief did indeed cost us a great deal, as both Hokum and Adonis died before we had a chance to heal them (enraged barbarian bugbear) along with a couple of summoned wolves (the bugbear had great cleave).

There had been no further information found in the town about Erky, and I doubt anyone else cares enough to worry about him for now.

Hwee and Joachim cleaned out what we could find in the lair and returned the sponge to it's owner. We had since then been helping the town survive the catastrophic lack of water. We also seem to have been joined by a new companion who is presently unnamed who we were going to hire as a guard, but since he wants a split of the treasure we just let him join the team to save on paying him.

A couple of weeks later and the merchant who owns the sponge came up with the idea of swapping it for a decanter of endless water, if one could be found somewhere. We also came across legends of an ancient city in the desert, and later a deserted monastery in the desert.

So Hwee and Joachim took the caravan and headed into the desert to find the monastery in the hope of finding records about the ancient town, and maybe the water source for both of them. They got past the nasty giant ants, found the monestary and very carefully searched it, finding a non magical well, some old records, and a leopard who objected to Hwee trying to sneak up and put it out of our misery while it was asleep.