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Site To Do List

There are a number of features and enhancements I want to add.

  • Taxonomy - node sort order, there is a module to do this on the Drupal site
  • Taxnonomy - Themes, there is a module to allow you to change the theme for a node based on it's Taxonomy.
  • Restrict Access by Taxonomy
  • Setup a voting/rating system for some stuff (humour pages)
  • Enable different styles for different nodes/pages
  • There may be a way to integrate Drupal and Gallery, although a quick glance indicates there may be much pain involved and I'm not sure about the versions I am using.
  • Is there a way to NOT have the categories expanded by default? I think my ideal preference would be a setting to warn if no category has been specifed but still allow it for the odd page or story. Note, I've at least worked out that by creating new content types and then restricting the categories that are available to that content type I've reduced the list of categories shown when editing, it was getting ridiculous seeing every category
  • Work on setting up a subsite for all the roleplaying stuff
  • Find another icon to replace the default Drupal one.
  • How do I create extra fields to store data other than the main content? (CCK - investigate)
  • Need to setup a subsite/mini site, whatever Drupal calls it with it's own menus and navigation
  • Edit robots.txt to block Gallery2 slideshow URL's (and possibly others)