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Bad Guys

Hudson City has more than it's share of bad guys.

- believed to have been involved in a similar process to Marv, he demonstrated similar strength and resistance to damage. Current whereabouts unknown.

Muhammad bin Sayidul Mersaleen - an international terrorist, was arrested in Hudson City when trying to arrange and arms shipment after an anonymous tipoff. The Justice Squad was involved in first resolving a hostage situation when some of Muhammad's associates tried to get him free, and then helped escort him to his current location a maximum security federal prison.

Providence and Mishap
- Little is known of this brother and sister team. They had a short run rise to powerin La Fayette before being sent packing by the Justice Squad, current whereabouts is unknown.

Dark Djinn
- A lesser djinn from the elemental plane of air has taken affront at the use of his name by Paul Temple and has vowed to destroy him. Was able to cross the dimensional border when the continued evocation of his name weakened the barrier enough for him to break through. Current whereabouts Elemental Plane of Air.

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