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DM's Journal 02

SoW 3 Umbraforge
Session 2
Orkan, Grelg, Raffaello and Aluman in attendance. Snigemund stumbling along behind with a really bad hangover.

Having discovered that someone called Modra was after a brass key they had recovered during their mission into the mountain tunnels and would prefer them dead, the heroes set out to find out who and what Modra was and why he was after them. They also went through all the packs in the party until they discovered where they had left the seemingly unimportant key.

They shook down, shook up, hassled, harressed, questioned and conned their way through the underworld of the Overlook and discovered much which indicated that Modra was a Dark Creeper from the Shadowfell who traded in black market weapons, probably on behalf of a much larger group, had probably been involved in arming the Chieftan Tusk for his attempted invasion of the Vale, and had not been seen since the invasion failed (presumably as someone was hunting him; other than the authorities who seem not to have noticed his activities, the party, or the young lady they were about to meet).

A Half-Elven Ranger named Rennis approached the heroes Ahaving heard they were looking for Modra, as her sister had been one of the FarStriders who had been killed in the vents and had linked Modra's name to the killings. After the usual rudeness, suspicion, and back biting the party agreed to compare notes and found the lady had discovered the one piece of information they most wanted to know (or close to it): a place Modra had been known to frequent.

They made their way off to the Happy Beggar, where after standing in the door for ten minutes they began to mingle, drink a little tea nad in some cases join in the singing of hymns to Pelor. Grelf demonstated again his affinity for low lifes in befriending an old scarred man who provided a bit more information which proved helpful when compared with the information Raffaello had obtained from the retired paladin's running the place.

The group nonchalantly slipped downstairs to the kitchen and carfully ignored the volunteers working down there while they searched the place. Even dragging the bilious Snigemund into unlocking a door they could not manage.

Eventually they found a secret door and being careful not to use any light, Grelf led the way down the discovered tunnel. A drop at the end put him on the ground along with everyone except Aluman, just in time to be attacked by the four dog sized shadow bats they had disturbed. The wounds were many and the battle harder fought than might be expected, but eventually the heroes won and continued across the cavern they found themselves in to a cliff.

Large fungii growing out of the cliff face were identified as doomspores, but the cunning Grelf quickly resolved the problem by dropping dead Shadow bats down one part of the cliff until the Doomspores there were depleted and the party could get down by rope.

A worked stone passageway led into a room with Dark Creepers, Shadow Hounds and a Shadar Kai Witch. All of whom turned out to be unfriendly and had to be put down with much cursing and bleeding. The heroes have definitely developed a dislike of Dark Creepers.

The room proved to hold some boxes and a low cart with an iron cage the creepers had been using to transport the Shadowhounds, a door on the far side, 500gp in a bag, and a teleportation portal which led to a warehouse somewhere containing many crates and boxes.

The hour being late the session was halted despite not reaching the expected cliffhanger (which the party had tried to trigger earlier by dangling Orkan on a rope over the cliff in the cavern) and the next session in scheduled for Monday the 18th of January.

A milestone has been reached and the four heroes present have been awarded an action point each.

Aluman has reached 5th level.

Addendum: Orkan found a suit of cloth armour in the last room which proved to be +2 Cloth Breaching armour (P43 AV).