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DM's Journal 06 and 07

Session 6

Grelf, Raffaello, Gwendolyn replaced by the human fighter Aluman, Snigemand temporarily playing the part of Nicholson, a half elven bard.

With three party members dead, Grelf and Raffaello prepared to leave the monastery of the Sundered Chain in search of the Vents, where they hoped to locate the Nexus and seal off the underground tunnels used by the orcish horde to infiltrate past the fortress of Bordrin's Watch. As they departed (with the bodies of their companies tied over their saddles on led horses), the dynamic duo encountered two other heavily armed travellers who, after the usual misunderstandings, proved to be follow up scouts sent from Overlook to check on their group.

The two newcomers, the fighter Aluman and bard Nicholson (NPC), joint with the remnant of the Reavers of Rivenroar and headed to the area on their map where the Vents were indicated. The area turned out to be a bit of a wasteland sprinkled with volcanic vents. Here they found the remains of a camp some days old with horses tethered nearby, and signs of the Farstriders having entered one of the larger vents, but not returned.

Tethering their own horses, and briefly debating whether to bury the dead and recover them later, the band entered the winding, twisting fissures. Grelf was able to lead them through the maze of passages, crawling and climbing at times, in part by tracking the passage of the previous party. Eventually they found the beginning of a worked underground tunnel which was unfortunately but not unexpectedly occupied by orcs.

The four heroes drew the enemy into the beginnings of the fissures and discovered Aluman to be a doughty defence for his allies as they defeated first the orcs, then a wave of construct defenders which included a very nasty bolt firing pill box.

Session 7
Grelf and Raffaello present. Aluman trying to get his armour cleaned off.
Snigemand and Orkan remaining dead but hopeful of recovery.
Gwendolyn dead and happy to remain so.

After a rest, Grelf and Raffaello pressed forward together with Nicholson into a new room. A large facility with pipes, mesh walkways, and of course more orcs. The orcs did not prove as dangerous as three fire spitting beetles which also attacked them, or a strange pale gnome like creature who kept attacking out of shadow. But in the end all fell before the brave band, who then re-opened a valve which had been closed off, wedged the door, and fell back to recover. Hey, Nicholson was down and Grelf and Raffaello were badly injured and mostly out of healing.

But after a day of rest they again pressed forward. They discovered that the valves in the pipe room had been closed again (Grelf re-opened them) and that the far door had been barred and spiked from the other side. Using the the weapons of their fallen enemies and with the others aiding Raffaello's great strength the small band were able to force the door in a squeal of protesting metal.

The small band found a couple of now empty rooms. A chapel to Moradin and some Dwarven living quarters. Then another closed door beyond which Grelf could hear guttural mutterings.

The plan was made to throw open the door and face the enemy. The enemy turned out to consist of a lot of orcs, well warned and prepared for the attack by the noise made when the barred iron door was forced. The heroes fell back slightly to take the enemy as they came through the door and a desperate battle ensued. Grelf felled many of the orcish drudges and aided with the troll and others while Raffaello concentrated first on the troll, then on the others. Nicholson concentrated on being used as a club by the troll and drawing fire, then helping with the others.
These three managed to defeat the enemy who were drawn out of the new room at considerable cost, but the apparent leaders, a line of archers and some more orcish drudges remain in the room.

And that is where we will pick up next week folks, in mid encounter. The heroes must get into the next room to activate the sealing mechanism for the nexus. Grelf has some idea of how this is done from studying a tapestry in the Chapel of Moradin, but the enemy appears to have other ideas.