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DM's Journal 05

Grelf, Gwendolyn, Raffaello, Snigemand and Orkan all present.

Oh woe to the world, mighty heroes have fallen.

The Reavers had fallen back to the mouth of the tunnel to make a stand, but the orcs broke their line and Raffaello fell to their dark steel.

Grelf momentarily turned the tide by dropping two from his perch above the clearing and Gwendolyn felled another. Only three of the enemy remained.

Then it all went tits up.

Snigemand went down, followed by Gwendolyn, and Grelf was forced into a fighting retreat. The hogtied Orkan, still in the tunnel saw the fire was spreading and inched his way to the mouth of the cavern.

Many were the acts of courage as first one then another of the heroes would force themselves back into consciousness and back to their feet, only to be felled again.

Gwendolyn rose from apparent death twice, and was able to stop Raffaello’s bleeding, Orkan managed to get free of his bonds and the Orog chief to engage him again.

But by the time Grelf managed to kill the last enemy, three of the Reavers lay dead.

Brave Snigemand struck down.

The courageous Gwendolyn slain.

The Noble Orkan dead, and partially cooked and eaten.

Grelf barely survived and is overcome with grief and misplaced guilt.

Raffaello turned out to be harder to kill than a cockroach and has bound his soul to the aid of his departed friends.

Grelf and Raffaello searched the cavern and found the body of the dwarf the orcs had been torturing with a message scrawled on the floor: “Vents … Seal Nexus”.

They also found some treasure but that is neither here nor there.

Raffaello has arranged some divine intervention to temporarily preserve the bodies of his dead companions, which Grelf and Raffaello intend to take with them as they journey to the vents (located without any help on the regional map the party obtained before leaving Outlook), and attempt to locate and seal the Nexus (whatever it is).

At this point the players of Gwendolyn, Snigemand, and Orkan have some choices to make before next week and preferably before the weekend:

Do they want their existing characters Raised from the dead? The party can probably arrange it if they can complete the rest of the adventure and get back to Outlook alive. And sorry, but this would have limited benefit for Orkan who is now missing a couple of bits.
Do they want to bring in new characters? This can be done reasonably easily.
Do they have unfinished business that requires them to return to the party immediately? The existing character could come back as a revenant (change of race to something that looks different and isn’t quite alive, but is effectively the same person). Orkan would have both legs and his liver.

Any new characters would be 4th level except for Jamie who would be 3rd (as the dead characters were). Not much that makes a legal character is likely to be knocked back. I have pulled down the Heroic tier play test information for assassins if anyone feels a great need to have a look since that is not in the character builder yet.