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DM's Journal 04

SOW 2 Bordrin's Watch
Session 4
Orkan, Snigemand, Gwendolyn, and Raffaello present. Grelf holding back due to his recent grievous injuries ( and watching re-runs of Orkan's recent flashbacks)

The Reavers of Rivenroar had cleared the hall of enemies and searched it for goods to aid their mission. After stopping long enough to bind their wounds (and snap Orkan and Snigemand out of Orkan's flashback) they followed the great hall to a landing in the face of the mountain overlooking a long steep stair.

Gwendolyn acted as scout and crept to the edge of the landing. She spotted a number of the orcish horde upon the stairs which wound down to a cavern entrance and attracted their attention by demonstrating her ability to scream like a girl on almost over balancing at the edge. Gwendolyn reported back to the group and a plan was formed to sneak out and attack one of the enemy by surprise and pepper them with ranged attacks in order to draw them into attacking up the stairs, where the Reavers would meet them in force at the top landing (Standard plan 2 Stair variant B). Snigemand got his shot in and Orkan wrecked havoc among the enemy. Gwendolyn edged up and began peppering the enemy as they approached while Raffaello stood at the edge hurling insults. The orcs responded by charging up the stairs and firing back with really big bows which did a startling amount of damage to the Reavers. Snigemand also startled his fellows with an extremely daring somersault across a chasm to the narrow stairway 20 feet below to fire again with his crossbow. (How does he do that?). The Reavers' standard plan worked again (after a fashion) and they overcame the enemy with ease. They caught their breath then descended to the cavern mouth below.

This time Snigemand advanced down the tunnel as the scout, to discover a cavern with many forges, a raging fire, a dwarven captive, and a whole lot of the enemy. Some hurried adjustments in the position of individual Reavers allowed a fairly standard formation with Raffaello holding the tunnel mouth into the cavern and the others providing supporting fire from behind (or in Orkan's case beneath). However, a lack of good fortune and the enemy's ability to also take advantage of the narrow tunnel resulted in the tide turning against our heroes. Orkan was felled (a couple of times) and the rest of the Reavers fell back, reluctantly leaving him to his fate. They fell back to the outer opening of the tunnel and positioned themselves around the mouth. The fighting was vicious and Reaffaello fell as the enemy broke through the band's position.

In the meantime, back in the tunnel, Orkan managed to recover his senses only to discover the leader of the enemy group standing over him. Attempts to play dead followed but were unsuccessful. The Reavers may discover what happened next when they re-enter the tunnel. If a mage can be prevented from casting by being tied up, perhaps the enemy will take Orkan captive and tie him up. If not they are likely to cut his throat and leave the body for dinner.

As things stand, the remnants of the party are formed in a tight knot around the tunnel mouth mixed in with their enemies and the Reavers of Rivenroar still on their feet are crying "Grelf! Grelf! Save us!". Come to think of it, so were the unconscious ones.


Orkan decided that being seriously wounded, tied up and on the menu for dinner was probably safer than being with the rest of the party.