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DM's Journal 03

SOW 2 Bordrin's Watch
Session 3
Grelf, Gwendolyn, and Raffaello present. Orkan was sidelined with another flashback, Snigemand was watching Orkan's flashback.

Having been rather severely mauled during the battle in the courtyard of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain, the Reavers fell back into the surrounding crags to rest up from the battle and the day's journey. In the morning they again advanced into the grounds of the Monastery and finding no opposition in the courtyard, continued into the great Hall of Moradin. Grelf scouted the way and discovered more orcs, including a spellcasting witch who managed to blind him. The Reavers took op positions at the door to the hall and fought off the orcs who came at them before finishing off the witch. Grelf and Gwendolyn searched around the hall while Raffaello caught his breath, and found a small trash of assorted treasures which they shared in part with Raffaello when he joined them. Raffaello located a hidden trapdoor near the alter and the band of heroes purposed to advance into the depths beneath the hall.

Again Grelf scouted ahead, and found a large pillar lined hall with raised sleeping cells along the sides, and a great statue in the middle. He also discovered the occupants which consisted of Orcs and dead dwarfs. Since they did not spot him he was able to return to his companions and a plan was formed to attack the bestial intruders. Not all went to plan, as Gwendolyn proved less stealthy than Grelf. Raffaello quickly took up a position to cover their flank, but things were looking grim for the Reavers of Rivenroar as Raffaello was driven back into a corner by plate armoured opponents wielding bastard swords and Grelf and Gwendolyn fell back to the entrance to one of the raised sleeping cells. Grelf was able to lead the greatest threat to that position away by leaping back to the ground (landing badly), and was struck down by his pursuer. Raffaello and Gwendolyn finished the other enemies and Gwendolyn was able to get to Grelf before he died of his wounds.

Some miscellaneous treasures were found around the hall and sleeping cells. The various enemies they had vanquished proved to be armed with the same good quality dark steel as they had noticed on earlier opponents. The plate armoured enemies proved to be some sort of cross between orcs and ogres, and their prowess against Raffaello bodes poorly for the future.

After a short break the Reavers of Rivenroar discovered that the hall extended a short way through to a large landing in the cliff face and a winding stair worked down the mountain side to a cavern entrance 200' below. Figures could be seen at the entrance to this cavern, and the assumption was that they were not friendly.

Gwendolyn made 4th level and we will be picking up with the Reavers gathered at the landing deciding their next move.