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DM's Journal 02

Session 2
The band of heroes headed north from the friendly elven enclave in the Western Witchwood, between the Wymsmoke Mountains and a great lake. Grelf identified the road where they turned West again and their path wound up into the northern foothills and peaks of the Wyrmsmoke range. The ancient Dwarfroad made travel easier than it would have been otherwise, but still slower than earlier. A careful watch being kept, and the wilderness skills and experience of Grelf allowed them to pass through the mountain range without mishap and descend into the forest of Westdeep. Once again the band of heroes realised they were being observed and Grelf fell back to investigate. One short Grelf diplomatic interlude later the party was under instructions to continue on out of these elves' forest as soon as possible and to stay on or near the road. Grelf could rile his own mother.

After a week of travel from the Witchwood, the band of heroes reached the western edge of the Westdeep forest, where the Dwarfroad rises up out of the deep valley to the upland farm country near the city of Overlook. In the light of the nearly setting sun they could see the Stonehome mountains about 20 miles away and smoke from much closer.
Thinking somebody might need their help, the group postponed setting up camp and rode towards the smoke. Arriving at a small farm they found a cottage and barn smouldering and, as they drew nearer, Orc raiders. Dismounting and moving up the group attacked the orcs from two directions around the cottage. Orkan, having used his previous flashbacks to good purpose rained destruction on the enemy pinned in place by Raffaello and harried by Snigemand, while Grelf and Gwendolyn mowed their way through the other flank. The orcs did not last long and it was soon discovered that only one child had survived from the slaughter of her family by the orcs. A child located by Gwendolyn, then rescued by Raffaello and Snigemand charging into the burning barn.
Raffaello and Gendolyn took the child to a neighbouring farm where they left her in care and warned the people there that the orcs had found a way across the protecting mountains. Several of the party members left some money with the farm family to assist with the expense of another child.

Raffaello is always on the lookout for another axe and kept one of the handaxes heaved at him by the raiders. It proved to be of a fine dark steel, of much finer workmanship than might normally be expected of such a crude people.

In the morning the band moved on and by evening had reached mighty walls of the city of Overlook. Announcing themselves at the Eastern gate, and their intention of helping against the invading horde (and their encounter with orcs on the Eastern side of the mountains) they were directed to the nearest comfortable in, the Mountain Hearth, where they took rooms for the night. They also decided on a name for their group since people kept asking. Now calling themselves the Reavers of Rivenroar (Grelf's Heroes having come in second place), they were just finishing a plain but satisfying meal in the inn when a messenger arrived to summon them to a meeting in Caer Overlook, the seat of the city government, at dawn.

Rising early, and foolishly expecting the meeting to be catered, they made their way through the pre-dawn dark to the centre of the city and being expected were guided inside Caer Overlook. There they ware asked for a report on their encounter with the orcs by Elder Cadrick of the city council of elders. They then entered a meeting at which the various militias and adventuring groups who had come to repel the orcs.

Elder Cadrick outlined the situation, revealing that the militias and most of the gathered heroes would proceed to Bordrin's Watch under the command of Durkik Forgeheart to defend the mountain pass. The Farstriders, the most famous adventuring group present would secure the tunnels beneath Bordrin's Watch. One other mission remained, of great danger, the warning of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain some 18 miles South West through the mountains. The dwarven templars there might not know of the danger and would need to seal the entrance to the underground passages at that place and hopefully come to Overlook or Bordrin's Watch.

There was no time for an uncomfortable silence or shuffling of feet as the voices of most of the Reavers of Rivenroar were raised volunteering for the dangerous duty. The leader of the Farstriders appeared displeased as he had been promised the mission with the most danger and glory, but he was somewhat placated by the elders pointing out that he had been given it.

Elder Cadrick provided some more information and promised them 1,000 gold pieces on their return for accepting the mission. On his agreeing to provide a weeks supplies and a map, the Reavers of Rivenroar determined to set out immediately (partly because some of them were just about broke and shopping was out of the question, although much of the money had been given to charity by various characters). However the departure was delayed until midday while Raffaello and Gwendolyn located shrines of their respective gods in which to pay their respects and pray. Snigemand decided to hedge his bets and made donations at all 9 temples in the Nine Bells district.
The journey through the mountains was hard and took three days without a clear road, but eventually they reached a massive structure with 50' high walls and 30' high bronze gates and an interior structure rising above with a red tiled roof.

Riding up to the gate the Reavers shouted their arrival. With no response Raffaello dismounted and knocked heavily on the great metal gates. But still there was no response. Wary that something might be amiss, the rest of the party dismounted and assisted in pushing open one of the gates (which were not locked). On doing so they could see the double line of orcs which had formed up to meet them in response to their greetings (the only time GOOD manners have got them into trouble). Once again Orkan unleashed the mighty elemental forces at his command, and Snigemand attacked the leader with the acidic qualities of his magic dagger. Raffaello held the gate opening against any counter attack and Gendolyn and Grelf peppered the enemy with largely effective ranged fire. The fire bombs of the orcs caused consternation and some damage amongst the Reavers, but they were victorious. Finishing the last of the orcs in the courtyard of the monastery they decided that they were too tired and injured to risk further battle with any remaining orcs in the complex and fell back to camp in the crags of the mountainous terrain outside.

Grelf and Raffaello reached 4th level.

And the Reavers of Rivenroar have their first victory under their new name.