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DM's Journal 01

Session 1
Grelf, Gwendolyn, Raffaello and Orkan present, Snigemand badly hung over (and congratulations on the birth of your daughter).

The band of heroes quickly accepted Councillor Troyas' offer of mounts and supplies for the journey if they were going to Overlook to help turn back the Orcish horde (after first confirming that they weren't going to be expected to take on the whole army themselves). Another day and a half was spent gathering equipment such as Grelf's new backpack (that's a lot of arrows), Raffaello clearing his debt at the blacksmith's and purchasing another battle axe and a hand axe, and having some caltrops made.
Gwendolyn sat down with the alchemist Adrionsius to discover which products of his craft might be of the most use, and purchased a selection to her taste and Orkan went to the Temple of Ioun and arranged to acquire another ritual from their school.
Raffaello and Gwendolyn visited the shrines of their respective gods to pray and ensure their donations were in good hands. Mr Timms at the Shrine of Bahamut had an old holy symbol left their long before by another priest of the dragon god which he gave to Gwendolyn. It glows.

Having purchased what equipment they thought they might need, and spent or given away much of their ready cash, the party rose with the dawn and packed their equipment. Standing in front of the inn, with 4 horses, a pony for Snigemand (still very badly hung over) and a baggage mule for food and spare weapons, this band of heroes asked an important question: "where are we going?".

The 100+ pounds of food on the mule may have provided some impetus for this question. However it did not take long for them to pull out the map taken from the Hobgoblin chieftain and determine that Overlook was off the western edge of the map, following the dwarven Dawn Way road to Drellin's ferry, north through the edge of the Witchwood near the Wyrmsmoke mountains then west again through the mountains and the Westdeep forest before reaching open country and then Overlook. A trip of about 300 miles they expect to manage in 2 weeks, but have food for three.

The weather in this last week of summer was quite pleasant for the most part as the group made their way down the Dawn Way. At first the road ran next to the river, and camped in a pleasant grove the first night. At that time discovering the first item of equipment they had not acquired. No tents. But the weather was fine and they all now had bedrolls. Their way to Drellin's Ferry was rapid and without serious problems. Some tents were procured from a small town and the party ensured they only stopped at village inns for lunch if they were passing through in the middle of the day. They camped at night and the tents proved a worthwhile purchase as it did rain for two days, leaving the heroes (but not their spirits) dampened. Even this far into Elsir Vale they were careful to keep watch at night, being acutely aware of the increased bandit activity.

Drellins Ferry was reached on the evening of the 5th night and rooms taken at an inn and a hot meal and good ale consumed. Orkan went fishing and Grelf watched his efforts in confusion until he determined that Orkan did not in fact know how to fish. Gwendolyn made enquiries as to other possible crossing of the river in case the band had to flee the orcish hordes (heroes, but not blindly optimistic). The answers were not promising). In the morning the townsfolk ferried the heroes across the river without charge and they continued on their way north.

After a day and a half Grelf spotted some bandits before they could spring their ambush, and the goblins and hobgoblin quickly fell to the reavers of Rivenroar. No serious injuries were inflicted on the band and so they were not overly alarmed later in the day to notice they were being watched by elves. Gwendolyn made friendly contact with them and news was exchanged of bandits and the orcish invasion attempt. The elves sheltered the band for the night, knowing Grelf well and having heard of Gwendolyn. They were also able to provide a small suit of elven armour for Snigemand.

A good night's sleep was had after a good meal (compared to trail rations) and the season is turned to the beginning of Autumn. Shortly the band expects to be passing though the Wyrmsmoke Mountains which they have been able to see on their left as they pass north.

And given the high passive perception of a large part of the group, a certain odour may be noticed around this band which has been travelling for a week. The elves were too polite to comment.

So next week we will continue. Hopefully Snigemand will recover from his mother of all hangovers, but new born children can be quite a distraction. And no. No-one went up a level.