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DM's Journal 08

Hail the conquering heroes!

SOW 1 Rescue at Rivenroar
Session 8
Grelf, Gwendolyn, Snigemand and Raffaello present. Orkan continues to wander along behind in his extended flashback sequence.

Despite the battering they had taken in the last two and a bit encounters, the party pressed on and discovered an ancient chapel with a couple of were rats and a gnome illusionist who turned out to be as unfriendly as the other denizens of the dungeon.
A surprisingly drawn out and bloody battle ensued, with Snigemand again going down after doing great amounts of damage, Grelf finishing off the bolts for his captured crossbow and moving on to his captured short bow, and all four of our active brave rescuers contracting filth fever. After defeating the enemy the group discovered the remaining stolen artefacts from the hall of valour by a rune encrusted obelisk dedicated to Vecna which seemed to absorb the light in the room, keeping it dim no matter what the light source. From this and other discoveries in the catacombs the party realised the old lords of Rivenroar had been worshippers of Vecna despite whatever their public reputations might have indicated.

Exhausted, and on the verge of collapse (except for Snigemand who had) after a busy 3 or so hours of adventuring, the party holed up in the old chapel for the next 18 hours in order to recover their strength and revive their Halfling friend.

Somewhat recovered, although with Snigemand and Gwendolyn still suffering from Filth Fever, the band set out again and began retracing their steps through the catacombs and crypts to find the remaining missing townsfolk. They quickly found the boy Thurann tied up in a nearby room badly in need of water and food since his gaolers had met with the band of heroes a day or so earlier and paid the price of all such evil creatures in such a case. After returning to the first section of the dungeon the band then discovered a second unsearched room in which Sertanian the Castellan of the Hall of Heroes in a cell, also hungry and thirsty, but ready to move on with the party once they got the cell open.

A final unsearched area remained of the first entry hall. So, leaving the rescued townsfolk with the zoning deva Orkan, the band advanced down the long dark staircase to a large room full of old rubble, statues and large mushrooms. The decided quickly to do anything to avoid disturbing the mushrooms, and just as quickly discovered two large rage drakes which set about trying to eat them as they did all the other garbage that ends up in that room. However the might of the band of heroes was too much for them and they managed little damage before being killed.

The old lady Zirraksa was found in the next room imprisoned in a magic circle. Being old, fragile and cunning, she had convinced the goblinoid raiders she was a witch in the hopes of them avoiding doig her serious harm. Her ruse was partially successful, as they had pushed her into this magic circle to hold her safely. Great effort was invested in trying to find an arcane method of recovering the old lady from the circle, but to no avail. The band even considered getting the wizard Orkan to look at the problem, but from the slight drooling they assumed he had reached a good part of his flashback, and decided not to disturb him. In the end the cunning Snigemand found a way to trick the activation of the circle long enough to snatch Zirraks from its confines, and the band of heroes found itself with all the artefacts they had come to recover and all the townsfolk they had come to rescue (although one of them was dead by the time they found him).

So, returning to Brindol with no further incident, the band of heroes restored both the treasures and the townsfolk to their home and received the acclaim of the people (and the monetary reward for their success). A great dinner, and much drinking, ensued with the celebrations. Jallissa still seems to have an attraction to her mighty rescuer Raffaello, Grelf gave the boy Thurann a claw he had taken from the rage drakes as a souvineer (and regreted it in the morning) and reports were heard of a call for aid from the Dwarven city of Overlook at the western edge of Elsir Vale. An army of Orcs have been reported heading for the Vale, and the Dwarves will attempt to stop their advance in the mountain passes at Bordrin's watch as they have so many other invaders in the past. Some in the party feel that the recent increase in bandit activity may be linked to this new threat.

The next day, after Raffaello and Gwendolyn (who had recovered from her illness) had visited the shrines of their respective gods to give prayers of thanks and make donations, and Grelf had begun the acquisition of a backpack designed to carry arrows (and Snigemand got some decent sleep before getting a cure for his Filth fever at the temple of Ioun) they met again with Councillor Troyas about the orcish threat to the Vale. All the greatest adventuring parties of the Vale would be converging on Overlook, along with whatever militia could be spared, and if the band would also be willing to go, he would give them horses and supplies for the journey. He discovered the band of heroes reluctant to name their group as is the normal practice of adventuring groups in this area. This was possibly out of humility, but possibly a cunning marketing plan so that people had to refer to their deeds to identify them.

And so the party readies itself to travel to Overlook on the far edge of Elsir Vale to fight a horde of orcs and their ogre allies. The safety of the entire Vale is at stake, and they are just starting to make good here.

Grelf and Raffaello are 3rd level, but approaching 4th.
Snigemand and Gwendolyn are less advanced through 3rd level, but starting to plan for 4th. Gwendolyn has some spiffy new chainmail with the emblem of Bahamut worked into the links.
By agreement, Orkan will be nudged into the bottom of 3rd level once he snaps out of his flashback. If only to stop him drooling.

Here ends the tale of the Rescue at Rivenroar.