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DM's Journal 07

Session 7
SOW 1 - Rescue at Rivenroar
Grelf, Gwendolyn, Snigemand and Raffaello in attendance, Orkan non-operative.

After resting for 12 hours in a small chamber of the ancient catacombs, with the newly dead body of a hobgoblin chieftain, five characters, 3 live rescued townsfolk, one dead rescued townsman, and whatever dead thing was in the sarcophagus, the band of heroes was well and truly ready to get back into the relative comfort of the monster infested catacombs of Rivenroar.

After returning to the chamber in which they had fought the hobgoblins and spitting drakes, the band of heroes set off carefully through the remaining door. Reaching a crossway, they looked carefully left and right to see doors, and ahead towards some stairs. They immediately sent Grelf down the stairs to investigate. He found a pool of water with a magic light on a decorative pole in the middle and decided to see if it was a wishing well; throwing in a silver piece. He discovered that when the surface of the pool was disturbed images of many of the rooms appeared in it momentarily. The other heroes came in and searched the room, while Grelf recovered his silver piece and they carefully moved on up some more stairs and round a corner to another door where they listened carefully for danger.
Which worked out quite well as they discovered some creatures coming up behind them, wandering guardians of the crypts. They then proceeded to discover just how nasty a couple of ghouls can be in the close quarters of a stairway with a pair of zombies behind them. Gwendolyn unleashed the power of her god driving one of the ghouls and a zombie back into the pool room and Raffaello took up position on the stairs to block them while Snigemand and Grelf proceeded to whittle the undead down to size. Eventually after a brutal battle the undead were destroyed and the party moved on with a new awareness of how little fun it is to be gnawed on by undead.

Passing down a dangerously unstable corridor Grelf discovered an Evistro, a carnage demon (played by a devil smurf), and drew it back to the party to be destroyed. Quick clean work in destroying their first demon.

On investigation of the room in which the carnage demon had been bound prior to being unleashed on them, the band found a pillared corridor and a set of doors, and again sent Grelf to investigate the corridor (they have by this stage worked out that despite his great stealth and skill with a dagger, Snigemand isn't really very good at noticing important details. Grelf discovered a great throne room, with a suspicious looking corpse and a skeleton on twin thrones. He returned to the band and a plan was formed. The standard 'set up a nice advantageous combat zone and send Grelf as bait to lure the enemy into it'. On this occasion the plan was not entirely successful and the band moved into the room to engage their foes.
The skeletons which formed from the piles of bones on the floor turned out to be reasonably easy to put down, but kept re-forming. The Death Wight was a real pain, but the Boneshard skeleton which had been on the second throne proved the greatest hazard, inflicting ongoing necrotic damage and exploding when it reached bloodied level and when it reached zero hit points (not so much of a problem, but the Death Wight reformed it after the first time it was destroyed) and the band again experimented to see how close they could come to dying, without actually getting there. In the end only Grelf was left standing, fending off the reforming skeletons while he, Orkan, Jallissa and Adronsius tried to assist the fallen. They succeeded, but only just in time for Raffaello and Snigemand.
Some money and another healing potion was found under one of the thrones, and to Grelf's joy the skeletons turned out to have shortbows. Not good ones, but since he was running out of bolts for his captured crossbow, one of them should do nicely.

The band is hurt and worn, but it has only been an hour or less since they set out again and they are yet to find the boy who they expect to be nearby or the other remaining captives. And there are the remaining treasures to recover. And they now know that the intention was to sacrifice the captives to the undead denizens of this dungeon.

They are also still amazed at the amount of damage Snigemand can do with a dagger.

So after another short break it will be again time to sally forth into the darkness.

Snigemand and Gwendolyn reached 3rd level.