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DM's Journal 06

Session 6
Grelf, Raffaello and Gwendolyn present, Orkan and Snigemand overcome with grief at the death of Kartenix and the terrible condition of Mirtala.

Having accidentally rescued Mirtala while searching for Jalissa, the heroes tossed the distraught and almost catatonic Mirtala on the floating disk with the body of Kartenix. Then decided that this situation might make Mirtala's problem worse (ya think?) and wrapped both the body and Mirtala in blankets taken from the hobgoblins. Mirtala was given the cleaner ones.
They then backtracked to the landing where they had fought the ettercaps, where they thought they had gone wrong following Adronsius' instructions. After regaining their bearings they discovered a set of stairs leading upwards, and Grelf stealthily went to investigate.
To the surprise of everyone, this worked and Grelf was able to return with a description of the room at the top of the stairs and the hostile occupants on guard: four hobgoblin guards and a couple of nasty looking man sized drakes. A plan was formed, slowly and in whispers, which resulted in ambush positions being taken up at the bottom of the stairs and Grelf sneaking up to where he could take a shot at one of the guards. He put an arrow through the guard's head and lightly skipped back down the stairs and past Raffaello and Gwendolyn.
As expected this drew the occupants of the room down the stairs, however on reaching halfway, the drakes began spitting an acidic substance and Raffaello chose to move up to engage them rather than allow them free range for making spitting attacks.
This move turned out to be quite clever as it effectively removed the drakes most dangerous attack and blocked the stairs to the hobgoblins. Gwendolyn and Grelf began firing up the stairs in support (Grelf from much further back). In the ensuing battle the band of heroes discovered there was also a goblin spell caster against them, as a cloud formed around them concealing their foes and interfering with attacks, all three of the combatant heroes were blinded (some of them multiple times) and various other effects inflicted upon them. The goblin hexer was the last to stand against them, but died pretty thoroughly in a three way assault.
The three heroes discovered the Eladrin acolyte of Ioun, Jalissa, while checking one of the adjacent rooms, and she seems to be quite grateful, especially to Raffaello. A long and arduous process ensued to open a sarcophagus which Jalissa had seen the hobgoblins hide a box in. The box proved to hold a couple of potions and some money.
Since Jalissa had recently heard the boy Thurin calling out, it was assumed he was being held nearby and after a short moment to catch their breath the heroes moved on to find him.
Beyond the next door they tried a long corridor was found which led west then north-west before reaching an almost triangular room containing a number of thin menhirs. Seeing no enemies the band carefully wound their way across the room to a door illuminated by their sunrod, and opened it to find another passageway which quickly turned west to another door. At this door, Grelf heard a creature of some kind on the other side and Raffaello charged into the room, surprising a large hobgoblin in plate armour and wielding a spiked chain. Raffaello attacked immediately and the others moved in to assist. Gwendolyn moved around to flank the hobgoblin chieftain in melee to assist Raffaello, only falling back again after discovering the unfortunate combination of the hobgoblin hitting with the spiked chain and pulling her into his armour spikes. That could leave a mark. Grelf finished the last of his longbow arrows. Again (130+ for the adventure so far) and switched to a captured crossbow. Grelf was quite displeased to discover he seemed much more effective with the small crossbow. Maybe size doesn't matter?
Eventually the well armed opponent was brought down and Raffaello beheaded him just to make sure. The party discovered him to be wearing the gauntlets from the Hall of heroes, and the dragon crested helm was sitting on the sarcophagus in the room. A potion and more money was found inside the sarcophagus. They also found Sinruth's personal papers which included a letter which seemed to indicate he had undead allies in the crypts, and the possible presence of a wight. And that the captives may be intended as sacrifices to these abominations of the natural order. (OK they class as undead not abominations, but you know what I mean).
Having been through another 5 or so encounters since they set out again at midnight and being battered and bleeding, the heroes decided to rest where they were in a room with one entrance.
So far they have rescued or can account for four of the captured townsfolk and recovered 2 of the items stolen from the hall of heroes. Other than Jalissa and Adronsius, the rest have been tossed on the floating disk.
It is strictly too early to get a good rest, but the band should be ready to set out again about dusk of their second day in the old crypts of Castle Rivenroar.