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DM's Journal 05

Session 5
Scales of War
Rescue at Rivenroar
Grelf, Snigemand, Raffaello, Orkan and Gwendolyn present and active

Being forced to rest after the brutal activity of their morning's battles. The group went back to the room in which they found Adronsius the alchemist to rest, since it had one entrance and a water source. After about 12 hours rest and recuperation they all felt much more their old selves and replenished in heart and body. So they set out again in the middle of the night to attempt to reach the prisoner Jalissa, to whom Adronsius had been able to provide directions of a sort. They quickly retraced their previous progress without incident and advanced to the landing Adrinsius remembered as having a "sticky floor". Despite the webs and axes of the ettincaps there, the party managed through their teamwork to overcome these monsters, only to discover the body of Kartenix webbed to a wall with every indication of having died in great pain. They also discovered some residuum and a suit of magic plate armour with a long dead and inanimate occupant. The occupant was quickly removed, the armour cleaned and worn by Raffaello. Orkan then used some of the residuum to perform a magical ritual to create a floating disk to carry the body of the now ex-guard captain.
Advancing onwards the band of heroes came to two rooms, one above the other which hobgoblins had been using as sleeping quarters and not left unarmed. The guard drake fell under concentrated ranged fire from the party and the others also quickly fell as the party skirmished through the area in support of each other. One hobgoblin archer might have escaped through his desperate plunge down a garbage hole, but Grelf had seen that he had longbow arrows and jumped down the garbage chute after them. A hobgoblin might be allowed to escape, but not ammunition for Grelf's longbows. The hobgoblin died in the acquisition. After being pulled back up the chute on a rope Grelf rejoined the party, who on not finding anything of value in the room, taking a short break which involved Grelf playing soccer with a skull from one of the sarcophagi and the party deconsecrating the evil alters there, continued into the next room. With the cleric scouting ahead.
Some dire rats were encountered and quickly eliminated. The displacer beast statues with glowing eyes caused much consternation, and then the gnome skulks attacked from hiding. The party evinced a growing loathing of all gnomes, especially gnome assassins, and particularly the two in the room. Some very impressive tactical manoeuvring and teamwork followed, and despite some serious damage to Orkan, the gnomes were hunted down and killed. A prisoner was indeed found chained to an alter in this room, but not Jalissa. It was Mirtala, discovered in an almost catatonic state and suffering from filth fever from the rats. With their normal compassion the band tossed Mirtala on the floating disk with the body of Kartenix and wondered how they had ended up with a prisoner other than the one expected. Orkan with his superior intellect pointed out that the directions from the room with the sticky floor were "left and up some stairs" not round to the right and up a spiral staircase. But rescuing a prisoner was good, and since they can probably find Jalissa now they have discovered their error, all is well. Especially since one of the gnomes was discovered to be wielding a magic dagger, identified while the band rested as a +1 Acid dagger.
And so the mission to rescue the kidnapped folk of Brindol continues.
Orkan and Snigeman are showing signs of coming down with the same malady which had hampered Gwendolyn in recent sessions so we expect to undertake the next session with Gwendolyn, Raffaello and Grelf.
Raffaello and Grelf will be starting the session at 3rd level. Gwendolyn is still second.