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DM's Journal 04

Session 4
Grelf, Snigemand, Raffaello and Orkan present. Gwendolyn unavailable but wandering along with the party, not quite herself.

This party is a hard driving band of adventurers. Having rescued the dwarven alchemist Adronsius they chose to follow the directions he provided to the location of another prisoner. Binding up their wounds they returned to the entry hall and Snigemand scouted the western hallway. Quickly finding a room full of angry hobgoblins who also saw him.
A drawn out and brutal battle ensued, with Snigemand being driven to the ground unconscious, and Orkan badly wounded in a missile battle with the goblin archers down the hallway. Then the hobgoblins closed and further injured Orkan and Raffaello.
Clearing out these fiends, the band moved on to discover a room with a large crackling picture of a forbidding castle in a dismal swamp. Raffaello took his turn at the manic suicide roll and jumped through it, but unfortunately it was not dangerous and he just passed through the picture. The delay in the room did draw the attention of an Ochre Ooze, which passed through the portal to attack them. And while it was bashing the heroes and being pushed around by Orkan, two spectres took advantage of the confusion to seek a snack of their own. But the band of heroes destroyed them all, and certain they were on the right route continued to seek the next captured townsperson.
Discovering a crypt chamber the …heroes? Began to search through the bones for loot, or in Orkan’s case just play with them. But then one of the northern doors to the room opened. Quickly our protagonists took up defensive positions (or in Grelf’s case, crawled into an alcove with an old skeleton), but nothing came through the door. Suddenly two fierce looking scorpion like creatures of about human size appeared, radiating great heat, and attacked the party. Spitting magma and grasping with their claws, they quickly had most of the party bunched in a corner of the room with Raffaello, Snigemand and Grelf immobilised by the magma and discovering the wonders of ongoing fire damage (Grelf being the more pleased of the two as this allowed him to discover that his new armour was fire resistant). The battle was in the balance when two gnomes attacked from hiding and almost turned the battle against the heroes. Snigemand went down again under the attacks and continuing burning from the magma. Only concerted efforts from his friends, and his great need momentarily snapping Gwendolyn out of her confusion, prevented his death. However with Orkan and Raffaello on the verge of collapse Grelf managed to finish the attackers.
It was by this stage only about midday, but having been through 5 hard fought encounters since breakfast, and concerned for Gwendolyn’s ongoing condition and Grelf and Snigemand’s brushes with death, the heroes decided to fall back to a defensible room with clean water and recover their strength.
The extended rest will need to last until the middle of the night at the very least, but at that point (12 hours later) they will be able to proceed, fully recovered, and with a greater understanding of the complex.

Congratulations to Raffaello for surviving despite the worst run of dice rolls I’ve seen in a really long time. He has been a bastion of strength and a shield to his friends, and may be considering proposing marriage to his armourer.
Also to Grelf, who finished off the last of his 60 arrows in a total of 7 encounters despite eking them out with occasional use of a captured hand crossbow. He now carries two longbows, no arrows, a hand crossbow and a bunch of captured bolts. To be honest, I don’t think an average of 10 arrows or bolts per encounter to be profligate, but that won’t stop anyone teasing him. Orkan has resolutely peppered all opposition with his magic missiles and area effect spells, and even stepped into the line to protect his friends.
And Snigemand, who when he was not unconscious and bleeding to death was dishing out prodigious amounts of damage to all and sundry of the enemies encountered with crossbow and dagger. Don’t knock the dagger, it has been doing a massive amount of damage. Probably because he can’t reach any higher than the enemy’s kidneys.

The dwarf Adronsius has been given the task of carrying two captured long swords and armed with a dagger, although he is not likely to be a highly useful combatant. He has been told not to worry as if he does get killed the party will make sure to loot these items from his body before moving on.

Treasure to date:
+1 Orb of Inevitable Continuance
+1 Leather Armour of Fire Resistance (Resist 5 v fire)
+1 Longbow, not yet identified
And a promised payment for the return of the townsfolk and stolen treasures.

And so next week we will continue, at midnight between the party’s first and second days in the crypts of old Castle Rivenroar. At the current rate of advance, it is possible that session five may see those who have played all sessions reach third level. But not to rush or worry. There are plenty of other dangers to surmount before the prisoners are all rescued, the stolen treasures recovered, and all are safely back in Brindol.