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DM's Journal 02

The party acquired the Deva wizard Orkan to join their group (he foolishly decided he would be safer travelling with them). Eoffram Troyas, a half elven town councillor talked to them about a rescue mission to recover some townsfolk carried off by the hobgoblin raiders, and some treasures stolen from the Hall of Great Valour. A difficult decision as he is clearly a serious man, and the party aren’t very good at appearing reliable. If they try very hard they can just about pass for sane. So Raffaello obtained a new battle axe, Grelf bought a couple of quivers of arrows, and the group set about seeking information on the raiders. Interrogation of a surviving raider held in the stocks on the town green drew the information that the hobgoblin leader is called Sinruth, the possibility that these new Crimson Hand raiders aren’t really connected with the invading army from 40 years earlier, and a map the their lair in the mountains to the North East. Other questions around town led to the conclusion that the people taken were probably not specific targets, with the hobgoblins just grabbing a certain number of people, apparently at random. It also appeared that the theft from the Hall of Great Valour may have been one of, if not the main goals of the attack on the town. With some provisions delivered from Councillor Troyas, the party set out in the morning to track the hobgoblins to their lair (aided by the map drawn by the captive hobgoblin) and rescue the captive townsfolk (and the stolen treasures, most of which appears to have little intrinsic value) while making some money, hopefully looting some treasure of their own, and getting some experience. The journey was not expected to take more than a day, but is proving to be arduous in the broken country exposed to the weather as their path leads the party into the hills. However the attack of a cave bear of as yet undetermined gender provided a diversion and allowed the party to hone their teamwork while discovering bears can do a lot of damage and are quite hard to kill.