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About this Site

This site was originally been built using Drupal 5.3 an OpenSource Content Management System using a MySQL database. It is currently running using version 6.13

Additional modules installed

  • WYSIWYG API to provide support for TinyMCE editor
    • TincyMCE - To provide WYSIWYG editing for content
  • Views - The views module creates customized views of node lists.
  • NodeType - Allows me to change the content type of the node
  • Comment Mail
  • Taxonomy Access
  • Advanced Help
  • Nice Menu
  • Menu Breadcrumbs
  • Menu Block


Black Angel

I found this image at Free Fantasy Pictures, check em out.





Also hosted on this site is the OpenSource photobook application Gallery.

28/11/2007 - I had been having a problem with people viewing the site after clicking on a link from an external site. For some reason people would get an error on the first view and have to hit refresh after which it worked fine. I think there may have been some wierd setting to get the site to try and hit a default index.php, I think I may have fixed this but we'll have to monitor it and wait and see.

This site has also been registered with Project Honey Pot, you can see the any results here